InCaffeine CRM

A Customer Resource Management (CRM) Solution

InCaffeine CRM Description

We are passionate about our business, and we like to pamper your customers... but we are already wearing too many hats! We have become customer relationship manager pros with InCaffeine CRM! We manage our appointments and reservation requests and send reminders to our customers with push notification, reducing missed appointments. We also send special invitations or offers to our clients, and view and sort customers by date of last activity. Restaurants, craftsmen, hairdressers, mechanics ... these professionals all have an innate sense of the client but few communication solutions worthy of the name. Strong CRM is here to help us boost our businesses with easy to use tools:

  • Appointment Management:
  • View and edit schedule
  • Send Reminder push notifications
  • Customer Activity:
  • Reach out to groups of customers
  • Send reminders for routine visits
  • Specials:
  • Send out offers or coupons
  • System Technologies:

    • SaaS
    • Cloud hosted
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Push Notification

Why use InCaffeine CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management, CRM for short, is a system that helps you easily build and maintain relationships with your customers. A CRM enables you to keep details on your customer interactions on a centralized platform and makes it easily accessible for your and your staff. Great relationships are the key to running a successful business. As your organization grows, it becomes essential to provide a personal touch to your customers. Having the right CRM tool will equip you and your team to effectively engage with your clients and pick up conversations right where you left them. The InCaffeine CRM helps improve customer satisfaction, customer retention, and sales growth. The InCaffeine CRM solution also provides insights about the customer to key decision-makers in the organization. Every single stakeholder expects transparency along each step of the client journey, and CRM is the perfect platform to deliver that experience. A CRM makes it easy to take insightful actions and improve customer engagements, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and sales growth. Using the right CRM platform helps you save time on trivial tasks and boosts productivity by streamlining business processes. Our hosting solution ensures that all your customer information is tightly secured.