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A Journaling App To Develop Good Habits

Mind Journal App Description

Mind Journal is a way to keep track of your thoughts while giving you a tool for breaking bad habits. The app provides daily inspirational messages and videos to help you reach your full potential. You can select how often you want to receive a motivational message as notifications, at random times during the day. "Inspiration", "Reflection", and "Compulsion" features to help you be inspired, stay self-reflective and manage compulsions. This app is being developed for iOS only. Here is a list of tools provided:

  • Journal Functions:
  • Audio journal with voice notes
  • Written journal
  • Inspiration:
  • Write your own inspiring ideas
  • Receive inspring notifications throughout the day
  • Compulsion:
  • Watch videos specifically designed to help you break bad habits
  • App Technologies:

    • Native UI
    • Local Storage
    • iOS 11.0+ support
    • WebKit
    • iOS Notification
  • Client:

    Special Search Company

    App Store Link: