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If you are new to Android development then this guide will provide you with resources to get you up to speed quickly and efficiently. Most of the resources are freely available video tutorials, but we also describe and link some written and paid resources as well.

We invite the reader to submit any links to resources that they have found useful. We are not being paid to provide links here and are happy to consider any tutorials, both free and paid that would benefit readers.

Part I - Quick Start Resources

Section I – Android Studio

Let's first take a look at the official documents. While not a video tutorial, this resource comes directly from the horses mouth, so to speak. This is Google's official series of guides that begin with an introduction, move to structuring an application, implementation, and additional resources. This is one of the best guides and where we recommend you start.
Android Developers Start

Section II - Getting Started

This is the start of one of the best video tutorial series on YouTube. TheNewBoston has created a series of 200 tutorials and they are available on YouTube with over 1.4 million views on the first one.
Android Application Development Tutorial - 1 - Download and Install the Java JDK (4:54)

Section II - Using Open Source or Attributed License Components

It doesn’t make sense to re-invent the wheel does it? You would certainly learn more writing your own code to do everything, but there’s always a compromise. If you’d rather get your app done as quickly as possible then look for open source components that you can use with the proper license.

Here’s a link to GitHub where the majority of open source projects are posted:

Part II - Planning

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By now you should be ready to create a unique app. But would you consider building a house without a plan? Most certainly not, and this is even more important a question when building something virtual. So remember these words: Before you write a single line of code, start with a design. Because if you don’t you will probably never finish your app. Even if you are using a paper napkin, it’s better than nothing.

Part III – Other Resources

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If you're based in New Mexico, be sure to register a profile on Built In New Mexico, a grassroots organization that supports technology people working in New Mexico. When you get stuck on something, Google and Stackoverflow.com are your friends. If you are in new Mexico join the New Mexico Devs Slack group, which has an Android channel.

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